Board of Directors

Jeff Sagansky

Jeff Sagansky

Principal Occupation and Business Experience

Mr. Sagansky has served as a Director since November of 2017 and is presently Chairman and CEO of Diamond Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp., a Nasdaq listed special purpose acquisition company (from March 2019) which in December of 2019 announced a three way business combination with Draft Kings, a U.S. based digital sports entertainment and gaming company and SB Tech, a global leader in omni-channel sports betting and gaming. Mr. Sagansky is the former Chairman and CEO of Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp. (December 2017-March 2019), a Nasdaq listed special purpose acquisition company which in March 2019 completed a business combination that resulted in the creation of Target Hospitality Corp. He served as Chairman and CEO (August 2015-November 2017) prior to the Business Combination. Mr. Sagansky previously served as President of Silver Eagle Acquisition Corp. (July 2013-March 2015), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company that invested in Videocon d2h, a direct-to-home pay-television service provider in India

Other Public Company Directorships in the Last 5 Years

• Target Hospitality Corp.
• Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp.
• Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (former)
• Starz, Inc. (former)
• Videocon d2H Limited (former)
• Global Eagle Entertainment
Independent Director