Our Approach

We are Ready to Work – for our customers and our shareholders
Now that WillScot and Mobile Mini have joined forces, we’re better equipped than ever to do what we do best – make life easier for customers. As North America’s leader in innovative flexible work space and portable storage solutions, we are the only provider on the continent that can deliver everything customers need. Space. Storage. Furnishings. Services. Everything. With one order from us, they’re Ready to Work.
Every facet of our company is geared toward providing this value. Our strong team of service-focused experts. Our vast fleet of quality portable units. Our turnkey solutions with limitless add-on options. Our expansive network that lets us deliver anywhere fast. The whole company is built to serve customer needs. Completely.
When customers call us, it’s the only call they need to make – because we’re the only company that can service their entire site. No other company in our industry has the resources, acumen or service commitment to fully deliver on this approach.
We have combined the best of WillScot and Mobile Mini. The best practices. The best industry knowledge. The best resources. We believe this will deliver the best results for our customers, and our shareholders.