Our customers get a total jobsite solution, so they can get right to work
WillScot and Mobile Mini are now playing for the same team, and our customers are the winners.
Everything about our company has been enhanced to make life easier for customers. Our expert staff, abundant fleet, vast location network, turnkey solutions – one call and they get it all. We deliver a complete jobsite solution that’s Ready to Work, so customers can move faster, be more productive, focus on their goals, and succeed.
We are the only company in the specialty leasing industry that fully embraces this approach.

Our Brands

Leading provider of modular space solutions

• 150,000 units

• 120 locations – US, Canada, Mexico

• More than 2,200 employees

Mobile mini
Leading provider of portable storage solutions

• 210,000 units

• 156 locations – US, Canada, UK

• More than 1,900 employees

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